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The California Series: A two day San Diego itinerary

San Diego is one of California’s finest cities but before booking a trip, I had a hard time finding out a lot of information about this under-the-radar area of Southern California. Located just a couple of hours south of Los…


10 tips for making the most of your annual leave

If, like me, you live for holidays, using your annual leave wisely is key when it comes to making the most of your yearly trips. Here are my tips for maximising your holiday allowance so you can dedicate more time…


The California Series: A guide to Palm Springs

Stepping out in Palm Springs is a little bit like being transported back in time. At least, that was my first impression as we drove our hire convertible 2 hours from LA to this mystical desert paradise. With stretches of…


How to keep fit when you travel

As a person who loves the routine of gym classes and thrives on dedicating a few hours a week to my favourite workouts, I know all too well that going on a holiday can throw your fitness schedule into complete…


My 2019 travel wish list

It’s no secret that I’m a planner. Diaries, stationery and calendars fill me with glee and I’m never happier than when I can put a big, satisfying TICK next to my to-do list. I love being organised in my day-to-day…