How to switch off on holiday

You’ve packed your bags, your out of office is on and your passport is in hand. You can almost taste that poolside cocktail, smell the fresh sea air and picture those views as you open your hotel balcony doors for the first time.

This should be your moment to relax, unwind and get into holiday mode, but there’s still that niggling feeling in the back of your mind – of deadlines, meetings and reports due and you realise that, like it or not, work is very much still on the brain. Sound familiar? It can be so difficult to properly switch off when you’re on holiday and, in this era of all-hours accessibility, you can sometimes feel guilty for not girl bossing 24/7, even when you’re on a much needed trip away that you’ve been looking forward to for months. I know I do! Here are my top tips to help you switch off as soon as you are airport-bound.

1. Turn your emails off
I speak from experience when I say no good will come of checking your work emails while on holiday. You’ll spend the whole time worrying about that passive aggressive email from a colleague or worse, hit reply and be inundated with messages from your boss who thinks you’re fair game now that you’re online. Take your email account off your phone when you leave the office so you won’t be tempted to check it while you’re away.

2. Keep your mind occupied
There’s nothing better than settling down on your sun lounger and getting stuck into a good book whilst on holiday. Not only is reading a great way to pass the time, it also does wonders for de-stressing and taking your mind off work-related worries. If reading isn’t your thing, why not tune in to your favourite podcast or Ted Talk? By doing a little something to keep your brain occupied every day, you’ll be so engrossed in your activity you might just forget about those pesky deadlines back home.

3. Give social media a wide birth
Sure, you want to share your holiday snaps in the moment and make your friends at home green with envy, but a quick scroll through Instagram and you could be left with serious FOMO at everyone having fun without you back home. If you’re someone that is likely to stress at the number of likes your post is getting or what other people are posting in your absence, leave your social media activity until you’re heading home. Not only will it give you something to do at the airport, but it means you’ll be fully focused on enjoying your holiday, no hashtags in sight.

4. Frankie says relax..
It might be a cliche, but a spa break could be just what you need to decompress and help you chill out. It’s amazing what a little deep breathing can do fo the soul. Leave your deadlines at the door and allow your worries to melt away as you enjoy the relaxation of a full body massage, facial or manicure. Whatever your chosen treatment, spending a little time relaxing in a soothing environment could really help take your mind off work and leave you feeling refreshed, revitalised and ready to enjoy the rest of your holiday!

5. Don’t be a martyr
Remember that time you covered for your colleague when they had a few too many beers the night before? Or stepped up to do a presentation when your boss had a sudden, urgent meeting to attend to? Exactly, we’ve all pitched in and gone the extra mile when it’s been required. You’ve earned that holiday and you’re entitled to take it. Annual leave days are few and far between so seize the moment and enjoy them to the fullest. The office will still be waiting for you when you get back.


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